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Black and Blue Saturday 25th February 2017

The Black and Blue diving event is being held on Saturday 25th February 2017 from 14:00 to 17:00.

It is a fun mini-competition for adults, where divers perform 3 or 4 dives or jumps, which are judged by the kids.   Points are giving for entertainment value rather than perfect technique – so a bellyflop can score higher than a perfect clean dive! 

The event first started when the club was based at Newbattle during the RCP refurbishment, and encouraged friends and families of divers to learn a few basics, and have some fun on the boards. The event has been held at the RCP over the last few years, and with the help of Edinburgh Council’s “Active Edinburgh” funding, has raised significant funds for the club.

EDC has grown substantially recently, and with so many new divers joining over the last couple of years, we are looking forward to welcoming some new faces down from the galleries and on to the boards. It’s a fun, relaxed afternoon – you can choose which category you want to be in, from complete beginner to experienced.

The emphasis is on fun and participation rather than competition, and we encourage the kids to come along to help with the coaching and judging, so it is a real role-reversal.

Don’t worry if you have never dived before or haven’t been on the boards since your childhood – we are putting on a couple of lessons to get you started – on Tuesday 7th Feb 19:30 to 20:30 and Thursday 9th Feb 20:30 to 21:30, and there are also public diving sessions during the mid-term break (13th to 19th Feb - see the RCP website for exact times), so you will have plenty of time to try it out.

On the day, there will be coaching to start with, followed by the competition.   The costs will be £5 for each lesson you want to go to, and £10 entry for the event itself.

If you want to take part and for further information, please email :- 


Don’t forget to say which lessons (if any) you would like to attend, and also which group you would like to be in :-

Jellyfish (Complete Novice, or just starting out)

Starfish (Dived a bit, occasional bellyflop)

Stingray (I know what a 5353D is, even if I can’t quite do it yet).


One final note, entries will be taken on a first come-first serve basis, especially for the lessons.


From the archives.....

Saturday 27th February 2016

A great time had by all.  Thanks to all the competitors, kids, and especially Rosie for watching over things and choreographing the display at the end.  Good effort from our friends in the north - we look forward to our first "away" trip to Aberdeen.

Here's a few docs to help remember in years to come - although I don't think I'll ever forget Chuck Flipp's classic set of dives.

Full Results

Photos of the event

Photos of the presentation














Saturday 28th February 2015

Well, what a day!   I'm sure all those that took part, helped on the day or spectated will remember the 2015 Black and Blue for a long time.   But as an aide-memoire for years to come, I have put a selection of photographs here http://admin.edinburghdivingclub.org.uk/documents/competitions/blackandblue/black%20and%20blue.docx

*** NEWSFLASH *** Check out you dives on this youtube video.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BFXCMyqs1Y

Full Results and the Special Categories results.

I'd like to extend special thanks to Lewis Balsillie for helping me with (and by that I mean doing it all) the scoring and announcing throughout the event, and setting up the PA.   With assistance from Grant Forrest, we were able to provide some great individual theme tunes for the divers - I spotted a couple of high ranking diving officials observing on the day, so don't be suprised if we hear simliar practices adopted for Rio.

I would also like to thank Marcin for taking the pictures mentioned above - and I think there may be much anticiapted video footage to come as well - more details when I have them.

The judges were fantastic - although the scores for each dive varied slightly more than usual (9.5, 2, 8, 3, 9 for example), I think we can all agree that they performed their task perfectly.

I think we can say that the Black and Blue was a great success, and will become a regular event on the diving calendar - so get practising, designing costumes, pointing toes etc - and see you next year!






The 2012 and 2013 Black & Blues did not happen due to the re-opening of the RCP in 2012 and the Commonwealth Games in 2013 and just generally very busy schedule with stacks of new junior and adult divers.


The 6th Black n Blue took place, more or less as scheduled, at Newbattle pool on Sat 22nd January 2011. Spectators were treated to an afternoon of spectacular spinning, twisting and splatting. Hurdles were added and tucks were omitted.

Several new dives were piloted including a Forbsie forward twister (to forward pike wedge), a Heatly 2¾ and a Foster Drop (inward tuck dive to knee drop).

Five Newbattle lifeguards took to the air with an inspiring set of gutsy dives. Lifeguard Lesley won the award for Nicest Toes, Dougie won top Jolly Herring and made off with the coveted ‘Nowhere Near the End of the Board on Take Off ’ certificate. New families made their mark and familiar faces did not disappoint.

The Prize Giving in the Justin Lees function suite with high-tech, large screen video playback and VIP participation was a far cry from the stale nibbles, out of date wine box and ramblings of previous ceremonies upstairs in the Dryland area at the RCP.

Thanks to all who made it happen, especially Debs, Malcolm, Jane, Mary, Vicki, Jenny, Anna, Donald and the staff at Newbattle.

There is a full report in the February newsletter.