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Federation Internationale de Natation

FINA is the international body that governs the sports of swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming (and some related activities).   Every four years FINA review their rules and their latest changes came into effect from 17 September 2013.

There have been some changes you might want to know about.

Synchro events

The Group A+B Synchro conditions will require teams to cover at least 4 groups instead of 3.

Degrees of Difficulty

The formulae for calculating the DDs have been adjusted and the effect will be to change some DDs for dives with 4 or 4½ somersaults and a few others.

The dive 1011 (forward 5½ somersaults) has been added to the official list on platform and some other dives are now allowed in new positions. The maximum DD on the published list is still 4.8


There was a last minute change to penalties in an attempt to discourage dangerous dives (too close to the board).

  • The previous rule about diving to the side of the direct line of flight has been slightly amended but still instructs the judges to deduct according to their opinion.
  • If a diver touches the end of the board with feet or hands, the judges are to deduct according to their opinion.
  • If a diver is unsafely close to the end of the board, or touches with his/her head, the maximum award shall be 2 points.  If the majority of the judges award 2 or less, all higher scores will be limited to 2

Note:  At the 2013 European Junuior Championships I and the Referees saw too many divers only miss the 3m board by diving to the side.  In some cases the judges marked them down, but too often (in my opinion) the divers were not penalised.  I think FINA is right to try to penalise dangerous dives.  I wonder if in 2017, when the Rules are next due to be reviewed, they will take the next step and rule that if a diver touches the board or only misses by diving to the side, the dive will be failed!

Team diving

A Team Diving event has been added to the Rules.  It will be held at World Championships, World Cups and Continental Championships.  The format will be 6 dives from 6 groups.  A team will comprise one male and one female diver who will each perform 3 of the 6 dives.  Each diver must perform at least one dive from 3m and one from 10m.  In addition one of the dives each diver performs will have a DD of 2.0 irrespective of the DD formula.


There are a lot of minor corrections, re-wording and re-ordering of the Rules.  Referees and Judges will have to read the full Rules to be aware of the changes affecting their roles.  The following link will take you to a page from which you can download a copy of the new Rules.

Download a PDF copy of the new Diving Rules